Why do students find physics harder than any other subject? Every other person once in life must have hated this subject but why? This subject is avoided by various scholars until the last minute. Even after working for several hours, people struggle with its formulas and numerals. Apart from numerical, it also revolves around the theoretical part, for which students feel difficulty and opt for Physics assignment help.

There are some topics in Physics which require help because many students find it difficult; you can see these topics here. 

Here Are 7 Physics Areas Where Students Need Assistance

Physics has a broad discipline that deals with modern science and various innovation in technology. Also, it has several branches that many students find difficult because it requires practical and theoretical knowledge. So in this article, you can discover a few physics branches that stress many students and where they need help.

Electrical Engineering: 

It is a branch that mainly focuses on several uses of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. This is a new area of engineering which is on the boom. If speaking about studying this field is a roller coaster ride for students because one needs to have several skills and a strong base. This subject is involved in improving various tools and other devices, which makes work easy. Today this engineering is used in a wide range of technologies, including the design of household appliances, satellite communication and telegraph smartphones. If you are still thinking about what makes it a challenging subject, then your answer is this requires abstract thinking, which makes it hard. In addition, the use of partial differential equations can be a challenge for students. 

Classical Physics:

This branch of physics mainly deals with motion laws and various bodies of complicated circumstances. It influences other academic fields, such as technology, engineering and science. Its theory has a distinct meaning in the context of the quantum mechanism because classical theory refers to physics with no use of a quantisation paradigm. Instead, this physics discusses numbers of a subject like celestial objects' movement and electron movement caused within the atom. In short, classical physics is overall hard to learn because it is not easy to visualise Newtonian mechanics.


Thermodynamics involves the relationship between energy and heat that focuses on temperature and pressure. There are two significant subjects covered in this, which are kinetic and heat energy. Dealing with this subject can be confusing, but if you put in some effort, you can succeed. When it comes to maths in this subject, sometimes it becomes hard to keep track this. On the other hand, the numerical part stresses people so much, as this tends to involve the manipulation of numbers. So, all these things make this topic a little hard for beginners. In short, this is hard because of the concepts and misconceptions, but it becomes easy with practice.

Quantum Mechanics:

In simple words, it is a branch of physics that studies matter behaviour and subatomic and atomic levels. Quantum physics explains the properties of molecules, atoms and their core particles like electrons, protons, neutrons and gluons. However, it is hard and tedious to understand because this is based on postulates about wave functions that are difficult to deal with. Thermal radiation is a necessary part of this subject. The main problem, that comes with this is the way wave functions change with time. So, different theories related to atoms and molecules make it difficult to deal with.


It is a branch of Physics which involves the propagation, generation and detection of light. In which one studies the properties of light and how it interacts with matter, and what all the instruments are used to detect. This term originated from a Greek word that means look, appearance or vision. It deals with a broader area of topics related to light and regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Optics is an essential part of physics that provide knowledge of how humans visualise the world. There are a few devices that one has to deal is microscopes and cameras, so students find it hard to deal with the complexity of this subject.

Mechanical Physics:

This is an essential part of physics that deal with Electromagnetism and Mechanism. If you are still wondering what is mechanical physics? Then, your answer is it is the study of motion caused by forces. In this, students need to deal with Kinematics and statics, and both somehow deal with the movement of particles. This is not it; mechanics investigate many other concepts like force, matter and motion. Classical and quantum mechanics are two sub-branches of mechanics, which you already know are hard to handle. As quantum mechanics deals with forces on particles like protons, neutrons and electrons, these things make this subject complex.


As the name suggests magnetism, you must have understood it is related to a magnet. In easy terms, this force is produced by the movement of an electric charge, and sometimes these movements happen inside the material known as magnets. It can attract or repel other magnets, and also magnetism and electricity are interrelated, but the phenomenon is somehow different and complicated. Also, this one has to investigate how magnetic fields interact with each other. These notions make this field one of the most complex subfields of physics.

Physics has a broad discipline that requires an understanding of technology and modern science, so students find this a complex subject and need help to understand the subject better. Also, it demands problem-solving skills that come with practice, so as a beginner, it is hard to deal with physics.

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